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Walter de Gruyter GmbH (also known as: De Gruyter) is a German publisher of academic literature, mainly journals and books. 

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License and conditions

  • Effective 1st January 2016, corresponding authors from an institution affiliated with the Association of Dutch Universities may publish primary research and review articles in open access in any of De Gruyter’s hybrid journals at a discount of 90% of the APC price.
  • When submitting the article the author pays nothing. At the beginning of the next license year Walter de Gruyter provides participating institutions an overview of published articles in open access. Walter de Gruyter then calculates 10% of the setting. This invoice and is paid by the participating institutions.
  • Effective 24th of January 2017, all Dutch universities are members of the open access Institutional membership. Under the terms of the agreement the members are entitles to benefit from a 20% discount on open access fees for pure open access publications. The portfolio consists of over 500 open access peer-reviewed journals, books en bookchapters.

How does it work?

  • Upon submitting the article the author should used the email domain of the institution. Walter de Gruyter first checks whether an author is eligible to publish the article in open access (ie, whether the institution has a subscription used in the magazine and that the corresponding author uses the email domain of the institution). The publisher then asked to confirm the affiliation by sending an mail to the institution's open access contact.
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