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  1. Across the border

    ... and MIT conduct a pro open access policy (known as a ‘green mandate’), whereby their researchers are required to deposit their ... Research Findings. This marked an important step on the road to open access. The Finch Report came out strongly in favour of the ‘ ...

  2. University of Groningen introduce green open access policy as of 1 Januariy 2017

    ... through open access, especially though the so-called green road . This is dictated by by the Dutch national policy and the requirements ...

  3. Publisher / editor

    ... prefer publication in open access journals (the golden road to open access) to self-archiving in repositories (the green road to open access). Authors can select from a wide range of ...

  4. Repositories

    ... information in these online databases is called the ‘ green road ’ to open access; another term is self-archiving. All Dutch ...

  5. What does academia want?

    ... SCOAP3  is a good example of the ‘ golden road ’ approach. This international partnership of libraries, funders and ... centrally maintained university or disciplinary database ( Green Road ). KNAW The  Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and ...

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